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I have suffered for approximately 8 years with an array of symptoms primarily acid reflux, bloating, loose stools, brain fog, anxiety, headaches, skin rashes and difficulty gaining weight, it all seemed to be getting progressively worse. Throughout the years I have seen lots of gastro doctors who could find no cause and I have tried many restrictive diets to limited success. I then started seeing Gemma, who looked at my case from a root cause perspective, we carried out some functional diagnostic testing which highlighted that I had "Hydrogen Sulphide SIBO". Gemma developed a personalised dietary, lifestyle and supplementation plan and I am so delighted to say that after all these years, my symptoms have gone and I can now eat and enjoy more foods than ever before, it's been life changing.” JR

“When my body seemed endlessly exhausted and ill I turned to nutrition ... I booked in with naturopathic nutritional therapist Gemma McGuigan, I cried for 90 minutes in her office and in just 3 months she has turned my life around. I feel so well now I am almost embarrassed by my constant happiness. I had thought perhaps I am broken and ill because I am old and broken. But i wasn’t, it was a body asking to be tended to, to be loved, mothered and cared for. And now I am

In awe of the way our bodies want to support and love us if we give them what they need” SL


"I came to Gemma after three failed surgeries for a cyst condition, which caused chronic pain I assumed I would have to live with. Before my first meeting with Gemma, the idea of “healing from the inside out” through naturopathy was completely foreign to me. My initial consultation with Gemma was the first time I felt truly hopeful that I could overcome my condition. 

Gemma has guided me to reframe my understanding of diet, lifestyle, and stress management by creating a nutritional plan and recommending natural therapies that tailored to my individual needs. This was complex, as I was a university student, follow a vegan diet and have allergic tendencies. However, Gemma’s vast knowledge and empathetic understanding made what seemed like an impossible task achievable. After almost a year of working with Gemma, I have healed from my condition, live pain free and have a life-long understanding of the importance of nourishing my body through nutrition and stress management. The impact of this extends far beyond the definition of naturopathy and has opened my eyes to a range of alternative healing practices, such as reiki and breath work. Working with Gemma has been the catalyst for physical, mental, and spiritual change which have been life altering. I could not recommend naturopathic healing through Gemma enough." NG

“I came to Gemma with a range of symptoms - poor gut health, recurring UTIs, costocondritis, sleep difficulties and a weakened immune system being some of the most challenging. Gemma gave me such a sense of hope after my first consultation that things were going to get better. She immediately provided me with detailed information about health and nutrition, in the form of a personalised health and well-being plan. I was also placed on a supplement protocol and guided in the process of getting some tests to assess my health. Throughout the process, I found Gemma to be professional, highly knowledgable and supportive. With the help of Gemma and all of these tools, I am now in the best health I’ve been in for quite some time. I also, now, have been given knowledge about my body and mind that will stand me in good stead throughout my life!”LK

I’ve wanted to message you for a while now but could never find the right words to express how I felt. It’s been approximately a year since I started to get unwell and meeting you was a life changing experience. I’ve come so far with all the tools you provided me with and to be honest I’m so amazed where I am today compared to last year. Thank you so much for all your help, and I’m sure we will touch base again in the near future. NW

I just want to say how much I appreciate your support at the moment..... and what a huge difference you have made to my outlook on health and food!
Life changing stuff!!
Thank you! RG

I’m really feeling quite amazing! I felt almost instantly better on the supplements and now, a month in I am feeling calmer (mood wise) and more energised generally. I’ve ramped up my yoga practice to two / three times a week. SG

“I came to see Gemma at a difficult time. My hormones were causing me a lot of stress and pain. Gemma’s approach was very practical, realistic and achievable. Within two months of following Gemma’s advice closely, I felt a lot calmer and my crippling hormonal migraines disappeared. With Gemma's support and guidance I now feel like I have managed to balance my hormones through nutrition, lifestyle and supplements and I now have the education on how to support my hormones moving forward." AW

I cannot speak highly enough of Gemma, she is quite simply fantastic at what she does. I had been concerned about my 9 year old daughters gut health and cravings for some time but I had just hit a wall as to how to help her. Gemma really helped my little girl understand how the food she was eating was affecting her mood and energy levels. Gemma was an inspiration to my daughter and now she has a healthy interest in food that nourishes her. We also did some functional testing and managed to identify the root cause of my daughters gut issues of which Gemma has been supporting, with this and the changes in her diet, i have seen a huge change in my daughters moods and energy levels. In fact Gemma now treats our whole family. DG

My job is stressful and busy, I slowly realised it was making me feel absolutely rubbish along with my fairly average diet. When I first saw Gemma, she made some significant changes to my diet and lifestyle. I realised that I had been living my life in a state of chronic stress. Gemma taught me how to fill my cupboards and what to cook but she also gave me tools to help bring some balance back into my life. Within a month I felt like I was back on track and now I really enjoy feeling well again. ST

Gemma is a great Nutritional therapist who really listens and gets to the root of your issues quickly. She is extremely thorough in her questioning, testing and analysis. After one session, Gemma devised a easy-follow plan and the results so far have been great. She is warm, understanding and no-nonsense! I couldn’t believe that after years of suffering that within a few weeks of following her careful plan I began to feel great results. I would highly recommend visiting Gemma! RN